Happy New Year from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive!

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A photo of the WLM badge, with its red symbol of a clenched fist inside a women's symbol, on a white background.

to donate to WLMA’s 2015 fundraising drive and help keep feminist history alive!

Best wishes for the new year from the WLMA team to all our friends, on Facebook and everywhere else, everyone who follows our posts and who has supported the project in 2014. Huge thanks also to everyone who’s sent us material enabling us to expand the archive collection. We’ve had thousands of website hits from around the world, been able to help lots of students and researchers and enjoyed being involved in FLA, the new Feminist Libraries and Archives network, running stalls and being part of the Feminism in London conference (videos of the FLA workshop viewable on our Facebook post for 25th October fyi.) We’re planning to continue our work on the project this year, and if you’d like to support us in this please do consider making a donation through PayPal. (If the link above doesn’t work please go to the website: http://womensliberationmusicarchive.co.uk.) Any money we raise goes only to develop the archive and cover our running costs. WLMA is voluntary and unfunded so every little helps!

Looking forward to the new year and sending best wishes for success to feminist campaigns, global and local. Hasta la victoria!

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