Using WLMA material, copyright policies, disclaimer

The Women’s Liberation Music Archive is protected by copyright.

Copyright of all audio and visual recordings, written text and individual images rests with the individual copyright-holders as indicated within the archive. Duplication of all or part of the material published on the website is not permitted, except for private study, research or educational purposes. Any quoting of text must credit the source thereof. No photograph may be scanned or reproduced in any way without permission of the copyright-holder. Music tracks should not be downloaded or reproduced. Alteration of any downloaded audio or visual material or printed material is not permitted without prior permission from the copyright-owner. No sale of material is permitted. Copyright of the rest of the Women’s Liberation Music Archive rests with the Women’s Liberation Music Archive.

Much of the printed material such as posters and flyers produced by the Women’s Liberation Movement during the time covered by the archive did not then include acknowledgement. This means rights-holders cannot always be traced. The Women’s Liberation Music Archive is making every effort to trace the copyright-holders of all images and information used. If you are the copyright-holder of any items reproduced on the site and have not been contacted or properly acknowledged, or you can put us in touch with any unacknowledged copyright-holders, please contact the WLMA so that we can rectify the situation. If we have inadvertently given wrong information about an individual or group, date, time or place, we would be grateful if you would contact us to correct these details.

 The Women’s Liberation Music Archive Administrator and Steering Group welcome enquiries and are pleased that researchers, activists and students find the archive a useful and interesting resource.

If you are interested in using any of WLMA’s material in your own work, please feel free to get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to help wherever possible. If anyone wishes to publish writings about the archive or quote from online material, we ask that they do so in an ethical way, respecting not only the principles of fair use and copyright policies but kindly letting us know about the nature of the work. For thoughts on this issue see a contribution to debates on the archiving of feminist history from WLMA’s Administrator, published in the radical feminist journal Trouble and Strife

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with us about using archived material and talked about your projects; it’s really positive working with you.



Please note, there is no authorised or authoritative published account of this archive. The WLMA team wishes to make clear that it disassociates itself from, and does not endorse, that which forms part of Rowman & Littlefield International’s 2015 publication, Feminism, Digital Culture and the Politics of Transmission – Theory, Practice and Cultural Heritage, by Deborah Withers, a book which was produced without our knowledge or involvement. This applies also to any similar works. We are happy to work with any author who is interested in accurately representing our experiences, history and work, and continue to engage with people who contact us with enquiries and feedback, and we look forward to further collaborations and fruitful working relationships.




3 thoughts on “Using WLMA material, copyright policies, disclaimer

  1. Could someone please put me in touch with Sandra Kerr (?) about a song called No Going Back. I think it is fantastic and we want to sing it for International Women’s day this year, but to add the words ‘and gay’ before ‘and Black’ in the second line of second verse (I think).
    Please put me in touch asap

  2. Hi lovelies thanks so much for this wonderful site. I must get back to doing what I am meant to!! I would like to reference the archive in my dissertation and wonder who to put as the author/curator, and the date – of the ovatones entry. It is a puzzle and I wonder if there is a preferred format. When I finish my doctorate I shall be back to explore and write more! Thanks Catherine

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