Abandon Your Tutu 

Babs Millington; Ruth Novaczek; Jackie Freeman; Sandra Brown (pictured) plus p j Baker and various others.

AYT used eclectic mayhem to build a bizarre music that is textural and rhythmic. Founded on themes and motifs ranging from gunslinger Annie Oakley to 70s TV heroine Emma Peel via Dadaist poetry and New York no-wave, AYT play musical chairs with instruments that include plastic guitars, old cornets, dustbin lids, accordions, a gu-cheng, a kazoo,
which buzz and whirl around a basis of drums, bass and synth or guitar, bumped up to psychedelic incoherence with echo and reverb.

Art school punk with a wry edge, scholarly, brash, and iconoclastic AYT took performance and cabaret and mixed it with sham-pop and post-punk in a collaborative process that produced surprisingly ‘popular’ theme tunes, performed with an anarchic sabotage of girl-band aesthetics and feminist politics. Eschewing the more conservative folk and rock of the womens music scene of the time, AYT made the rules on their own terms; throwaway,
performative and crazy, the magic was in the moment, an improvisational art-punk that celebrated lo-res hybridity and outlaw irreverence. ~ Jackie Freeman and Ruth Novaczek

Abandon Your Tutu gigs (1983-4): Sprout Conspiracy Club – Pindar of Wakefield, Greenham Common benefit, the Clarendon, Hammersmith, London Musicians Collective (women’s clubnight and LMC women’s festival), Roots Club, Leeds, Women’s City – the Bell pub in Kings Cross, Chat’s Palace, benefit for La Pluma magazine, “September in the Pink” festival – 3 gigs – Heaven, The Fridge (Brixton) + Chat’s Palace, Bush Hotel, “Outrage” benefit at London School of Economics, Greenham benefit at North London Poly

9 contact sheet black and white photos of Abandon Your Tutu members. Includes fun posed shots with and without instruments.

Photos © Andy Minnion

Black and white poster for 'Wild Girls' cabaret Abandon Your Tutu gig at the London Musicians' Collective Women's Clubnight, also featuring the Empress of Hackney. Cut and paste style.

Review by Sheryl Garret of AYT gig at London Musicians' Collective. Critiques the lack of professionalism of AYT but admires their creative energy.

New Musical Express review, 1983


Black and white photo of band playing. Jackie Freeman, Babs Millington, Ruth Novaczek, Sandra Brown at September in the Pink festival

L-R Jackie Freeman (fingers and fretboard), Babs Millington, Ruth Novaczek, Sandra Brown at September in the Pink, Spare Rib 136, 1983


Amy and the Angels 1980 ~ ?

Black and white photo of Amy and the Angels rehearsing and laughing

Amy and the Angels

Black and white photo of band rehearsing, Steph with guitar tilted skyward, Angie on drums and Sue on bass guitar, all laughing

Stef Petticoat, vocals, guitar;
 Angie, drums; Linda/Sue: bass

‘I Hate Being in Love’ – Amy and the Angels

Hackney, London

Played several gigs in England and Germany

Hand drawn flier for 1982 benefit for Labyris, a women's taxi firm. Bands include Ova, Amazulu and Amy & the Angels.

Ad for benefit for Labyris cars taxi service for women

I Hate Being in Love on Making Waves LP (Girlfriend Records, 1981); Words fail me + interview, The English Programme, Thames Television, 1982; more bits and pieces on tapes, to be re-discovered…




Women's Rights Festival

Women’s Rights Festival programme

Amy and the Angels set list

An Amy and the Angels set list

Amy and the Angels gig ad 1

Advertisement for Kitsch ‘n’ Sync, Women Live 1982 

Making Waves album cover. Text says 'a collection of twelve women's bands from the UK.' Black and white picture of a woman playing keyboards.

Making Waves album cover

The Making Waves compilation album: 1 Belles – You Told Me a Lie  2 Amy & The Angels – I Hate Being in Love  3 Ministry of Marriage – Twin  4 Tango Twins – Life Support  5 Nancy Boys – So Easy  6 Sisterhood of Spit – Hold Tight  7 Gymslips – Midnight City  8 Mistakes – Romance  9 Androids of Mu – Bored Housewives  10 Guest Stars – Sometimes the Blues is Right  11 Real Insects – In the Ruins of Your Body  12 Rock Goddess – Make My Night

Back of album cover. Lots of images of women wearing make-up. Diagonal lines and handwriting.

Back cover of the Making Waves album

Lucy Toothpaste's review of 'Making Waves' LP in Spare Rib, 115 1982. Accompanied by hand drawn picture of saxophonist.

Spare Rib 115, 1982

Another review of the album. Source unknown.

Amy and the Angels gig poster 2.JPG

Amy and the Angels + Abandon Your Tutu gig flyer

Women Live.JPG

Amy and the Angels gig poster

Rock Against Sexism1.JPG

Rock Against Sexism Anti-Sexist Noise gig poster

Rock against Sexism.JPG

Rock Against Sexism gig poster

Antisexist noise Greenham, benefit.JPG

Anti-Sexist Noise benefit for Greenham Common

Berlin frauenfest.JPG

1982 International Frauenfest, Berlin, poster


Amy and the Angels Bonn gig poster

Berlin 1982.JPG

1982 International Frauenfest, Berlin, poster


Androids of Mu 1980

Anarcho punk / post punk band based in London and formed in 1980 after the breakup of the band Here & Now.

Suze, vocals; Corina, guitar, vocals; Cosmic, synth, bass, tambourine, vocals; Birsen, bass, vocals.

Picture of Androids of Mu playing at Greenham Common Festival of Life 1981. Includes an image of Blood Robots album cover. Red and white Monica Sjoo painting.

Blood Robots album ~ cover image of a painting by the feminist artist Monica Sjoo

Blood Robots LP track list and songwriting credits:  1 Atomic X (Cozmic)
2 Who Cares (Suzy / Corrina / Androids of Mu)
3 Fast Car (Suzy / Birsen)
4 She Is A Boy (Suzy / Corrina)
5 Pretty Nun (Suzy / Corrina / Androids of Mu)
6 Confusion (Cozmic / Birsen / Corrina)
7 Bored Housewives (Corrina)
8 Lost In Space (Corrina)
9 Subtitles (Suzy / Androids of Mu)
10 Jean Dreams (Suzy / Androids of Mu)
Front cover picture by Monica Sjoo, photos by Philip Zelazowski and Judge, cover artwork by Meen ~ recorded at Street Level and produced by the Androids and Kif Kif, with help from Granto. For an interview with Androids of Mu from No Class fanzine see 


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