A handy list of all the entries in the archive so far. Do let us know of suggestions for others

Abandon Your Tutu; Amy and the Angels; Androids of Mu

Bad Habits (formerly Mother Superior and the Bad Habits); Banish Misfortune; Best Friends; Birmingham Women’s Music Network; Blueshouse; Bodhrans and Binlids; Bradford Women Singers; Brandy; Brazen Hussies, The; Bright Girls, The; Bristol Women’s Music Collective; Bryony; Burning Brass

Camilla Cancantata; Canaille; Carol Grimes/Carol and The Iguanas; Caroline Gilfillan Band, The; Cast Iron Fairies; Castrators, The; Cats Cradle; Chard Festival of Women in Music/Foundation; Chuffinelles, The; Clapperclaw; Clea and McLeod; conferences; Contraband; Contradictions; Crimplenes, The

Dangerous Designs; Dee Orr Goes Country; Deltones, The; Devil’s Dykes; distribution networks; D.J.s

Emily Sway and the Shuffle Sisters; Eyes Wide Open

Fabulamas, The; Fabulous Dirt Sisters, The; Fabulous Jam Tarts, The; Feminist Improvising Group; Five Famous Women; Films (Silk Sow’s Ear); Frank Chickens; Frankie Armstrong; Friggin Little Bits; Funghettis

Ginger and Spice; Greenham Common music; Guest Stars, The

Half the Sky; Happening, The; Harmonettes, The; Harpies, The; Hi Jinx; Hot Doris Band, The

Jam Today 1/2/3; Janie, Andrea and Tierl; Jan Ponsford; Jazawaki; Jazz Heritage Wales/Trefadaeth Jazz Cymru (formerly Women in Jazz); Josefina Cupido; Jo Richler


Labour of Love; Lazy Country; Lizzy Smith Band/Electra; London Women’s Liberation Rock Band, The; Lottie and Ada; Lucy Toothpaste/Whitman; Lupin Sisters; Lydia D’Ustebyn Ladies’ Swing Orchestra, The

Maggie Nicols; Martha & Eve; Meet Your Feet; Mint Juleps; Mistakes, The; Moonlighters; Moonspirit – see Terri Quaye; Mother Superior; My Mama Told Me So; My Sweetheart’s Tattoo

Necessary Evil; Nine Lives; Northern Women’s Liberation Rock Band, The; No Rules OK

Offbeat 17/Offbeat Women’s Big Band; One Night Stand; Out of the Blue; Ova/Ovatones

Painted Lady; Passing Faze; Pearl Divers; Peggy Seeger; Penny Wood; Petticoats, The; Pinkspots; PMT; Pre-Madonnas, The

Pro-Motion; Proper Little Madams; Punk – articles by Cazz Blase

Quality Street

Rainbow Trout; Rebel Without A Clue; Renegade; Rock Against Sexism; Rock ‘n’ Doris; Rubyfruit

Sally Forth; Sax Machine; Scissor Sisters, The; She’s Moved; Siren; Sirens, The; Sisters Unlimited; Sisterhood of Spit; Sistermatic (sound system); Sistermatic (band); Skeeta; Sole Sister; Something Shady; Spies of Saturn; Spoilsports, The; Sprangeen; Strange Company; Stepney Sisters, The; Stroppy Cow Records; Susan Straightarrow

Tapanda Re; Terry Quaye; Threeways; Touch, The; Tour de Force


Val Wilmer; Velvet Fist; Vicky and Diane; Vi Subversa

Wapping Night Out; Well-Oiled Sisters, The; West London Music Project; WLM Music Projects; Women in Entertainment; Women in Folk; Women in Music; Women in Jazz; Women Live, London and Edinburgh; Women’s Revolutions Per Minute; Workshops

York Street Band; Zrazy

Cover of this magazine has a cartoon of a man from the French revolution waving a flag and a gun, proclaiming 'Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!' An unsmiling woman with arms akimbo  is thinking 'Fraternite, huh?!'

Political Song News, late 1980s

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