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  1. Kaos were a five piece women’s band playing garage rock in Liverpool during the early 80’s. Trish Bonner (now Black) who played rhythm guitar and Fiona McDonald on saxophone were the founder members, and were joined by Carol on drums, Cathy on lead guitar and Gerry Ffrench on bass. Vanessa Cuthbertson subsequently joined the band on keyboards in late 1981. They had a weekly spot every Tuesday in the Masonic Pub on Berry Street Liverpool Eight, where they attracted a mixed crowd of students, lesbians, politicos and curious men. They played there during the infamous riots that took place in the city at that time, and their repertoire consisted of short, punchy songs that often had a political edge. They began to go their separate ways in 1982. Some of the band reformed as Five Go Dutch and Gerry Ffrench joined The Tunnel Users.

    • OH My…….I wonder if you visit this site often Geri……… Cathy here………….
      What glorious times we had……..lugging all the equipment around…especially in Fiona’s reliant robin!!!!!!
      Are you still in touch with any of the others.
      Nice to know you went on playing after I left in 82.
      I am happy for you to get my e-mail from this site if you wish…….xCathy

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