Women’s Liberation Music Archive news

Poster announcing 25th September Feminism in London 2014 conference in suffragette colours of purple, green, white, says 'Save the Date!'Tickets are on sale now – and going fast! – for this year’s Feminism in London conference, on Saturday October 25th, at the Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL.

We’re very pleased to be taking part in the morning workshop: ‘Feminist Archives and Activism: Knowing Our Past – Creating Our Future.’ This is a chance to discuss the importance of documenting and celebrating feminist history, find out about the various great feminist archives and libraries available and explore how they can be useful tools in our ongoing campaigns. This workshop brings together different generations of feminists and is organised by the new network of feminist libraries and archives, FLA. Speakers include Feminist Library volunteers http://feministlibrary.co.uk/, Frankie Green from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive https://womensliberationmusicarchive.co.uk/, Jalna Hanmer from the Feminist Archive North http://www.feministarchivenorth.org.uk/, Liz Kelly and Joan Scanlon from radical feminist journal Trouble & Strife http://www.troubleandstrife.org, Sue John from Glasgow Women’s Library http://womenslibrary.org.uk/ and Zaimal Azad from Nottingham Women’s Centre http://www.nottinghamwomenscentre.com/ The workshop is chaired by Sue O’Sullivan from Spare Rib and Sheba Feminist Press, and the second half of the session will be an open conversation. We are also totally delighted that the after-conference party will feature blast from the past pioneering 70s feminist band the Stepney Sisters, plus other great music-makers! To buy tickets and for more info on workshops, speakers and the whole day’s events, please see http://www.feminisminlondon.co.uk

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