Welcome to the Women’s Liberation Music Archive!

A huge ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who has kindly contributed material and given us permission to reproduce their work ~ thank you all for your generosity.

We hope this site will be a useful and interesting resource. We have promises of more material to come and are looking forward to that. This is an open-ended project and we will continue to add material as and when we receive it – so if you haven’t yet sent us info but would like to, no problem! The archive has always been seen as a work-in-progress and once the process of networking, gathering material and mapping women’s music during the 1970s and 80s began, we realized how much there is to document, and that this is – hopefully – just the beginning!

How to navigate your way around the site: information about bands, musicians and musical projects is gathered under names listed alphabetically on the A – Z pages above. You will also see, on the right of the screen, under the heading ‘blogroll’, a list of relevant websites about women’s ongoing music-making, feminist activism and other archiving projects, enabling you to follow up information found in the main pages. The ‘search’ field will direct you to all pages featuring the object of your search. You can read more about the project’s aims and scope on the ‘About the archive’ page.

As you will see, there is quite a lot of info on some musicians, bands and projects and little or none for others. Please help the archive to grow and to fill the gaps! Feel free to leave a comment on the blog. All support in achieving the aim of creating an archive which will be as comprehensive and inclusive as possible is much appreciated. We welcome personal stories, photos, anecdotes, memorabilia – and, especially, of course, audio/visual material.

We will post regular updates here on the home page to let you know about new material as it’s added. Please contact us for any further info, to provide feedback and to send us material you feel should be included.

Many thanks again to everyone who has encouraged and enabled this project to get underway.

‘Women have always been told to look nice, work behind the scenes and shut up. Quite rightly, women have disobeyed. We’ve grouped together, created music, written lyrics, sung, recorded, performed, organised and showcased our talent in our own way for as long as we have existed – which is forever. Our music is political because our visibility is political, our strength is political and our unity is political. Official records have written it out of history. Music mags, radio shows, Best Of lists, festivals, popular history, newspapers and many awards shows have ignored or marginalised the enormous contribution women and feminism have made to music at all levels and in all genres in one massive act of erasure. The truth is that feminism has changed the world and is changing the world. The Women’s Liberation Music Archive celebrates and restores its rightful place in culture. And it’s freaking cool.’ ~ Bidisha

‘This is an invaluable record of how, in the early days of the Women’s Liberation Movement,  the message was in the music as much as in the spoken and written word.‘~ Sheila Rowbotham

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Women’s Liberation Music Archive!

  1. This is just wonderful! There’s so much here, I have only scratched the surface – and it’s so exciting to remember, the people, the events (and, of course, the music!). Thanks for getting this together – a resource that will mean a lot to so many women.

  2. Wonderful! A really terrific achievement, which will be absolutely invaluable for musicians, researchers, the culturally and politically curious. I LOVE the way you have incorporated music recordings and video so comprehensively as well. Congratulations and thanks for all your work.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to document our stories. At the time they were just fun, but this is great for reflecting and seeing the big picture of how many women’s actions change the world as we see it. Now a women’s band would be an oddity, little has changed in some ways, but at least we know what is possible. When women gather with a positive purpose the whole planet sighs and shifts a little….. maybe even shuffles her feet to the music 🙂

    • Thanks Maz, glad you like the site. Where you in a band and do you have any material to contribute to the archive. Any stories of memorable gigs/ discos…we’d love to have them on here! All the best WLMA

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