Summer/autumn 2010 ~ the call goes out!

An exciting new project is about to be launched: the Women’s Liberation Movement Music Archive. Gathering together information about the women musicians, feminist bands and related projects of the 1970s and 80s in the UK and Ireland, an online resource will document this important history through memorabilia including photos, posters, videos, recordings, discographies, gigographies, lyrics and musical scores, press clippings, reminiscences and interviews.

Are you a woman who was involved in any way in the bands or musical projects which flourished at that time? Were you an instrumentalist, singer, sound technician, DJ, recording engineer, roady? Did you run a distribution network or organise or write about or photograph events? Did you dance in the celebratory circles at women’s events as an audience member, or go to the skill-sharing workshops run at conferences, youth clubs and schools encouraging women and girls to play music? We want to make visible the activism and achievements of this time and ensure they’re not written out of history. If you would like to share your memories of that time when women’s creativity fused art with politics, and entertainment with protest, all in the cause of feminism – or you know a woman who does – the archive wants to hear from you!

Please contact us: Frankie Green and Deborah Withers at