Untied 1989

Ann Day, drums, percussion; Sianed Jones, violin; Sylvia Hallett, violin, accordian

Folk/improv/free  In this black and white flyer the words are superimposed over a photo of the three women sitting on a wrought iron balcony, taken from underneath and behind so that their dangling legs and feet are visible - untied shoelaces flying. The publicity reads 'Untied. Improvise.' A tumble of words, naming instruments, cascades down the page: 'percussion, violins, viol da gamba, flutes, vocals, saxophone, keyboards, mbiras, wooden planks, trombone, paint tin.' Under that is a list of the musicians and the bands they currently come from: Ann Day, 'Accordians Go Crazy'; Sylvia Mallet, 'British Summertime Ends'; Sianed Jones, 'Kahondo Style.'


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