Huge and heartfelt gratitude to everyone whose generosity, enthusiastic support, technical help and contributions of time and material have enabled the putting together of this archive. Thank you to

~ all the many musicians whose work we’ve been able to document who have generously shared their music, memories, and memorabilia and given permission to reproduce music, text, film and photographs

~ the photographers, musicologists, archivists, historians, authors, journalists, designers, bloggers and commentators whose work has illuminated the creating of the archive, for kindly granting permission to reproduce their photographic and written work and to quote from previously-published work, including Val Wilmer, Sally Greenhill, Pip Scott, Jill Posener, Mavis Bayton, George McKay, Dr Catherine Tackley (nee Parsonage) and Dr Cathy Dyson,  Cazz Blasé, Lucy O’Brien, Lucy Whitman, Ming de Nasty, Norma Burrowes, Vivien Goldman, Jak Kilby

~ feminist publications such as Desperate Measures, Shocking Pink, Spare Rib, Trouble and Strife, Feminist Review, Outwrite, Shrew, Red Rag and many many others. The amount of material in this archive from Spare Rib testifies to the importance of the role the magazine played in creating and sustaining the WLM, and the gratitude due to the work and dedication of the women who produced it. In 2015 the British Library’s two-year project to digitise the magazine was completed – click on the link to browse all issues. The Feminist Archive North holds a set of Spare Ribs from between 1972 and 1992; see also )

~ everyone who has worked on all the musical, political and cultural archive collections which link to and are part of the context in which WLMMA exists

~ all the women who composed, played, sang, recorded, facilitated, developed and performed the music of the 1970s and 80s and subsequent decades that has been documented here, and their path-breaking predecessors

~ and to everyone working for liberation and women’s rights, worldwide!

A photograph of the WLM badge, red fist in women's symbol on white background

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