sad loss

WLMA is saddened to hear of the death of Debbie Dickinson, a great woman who will be greatly missed. The women from Blow the Fuse paid this tribute: ‘We announce with very heavy hearts the death of Debbie Dickinson. She was a close personal friend, our ’Seventh Sister’ in The Guest Stars and a great supporter of Blow the Fuse. We knew Debbie for nearly 40 years. From the days of the Sisterhood of Spit, Sunday nights at the Kings Head, and as the manager of The Guest Stars she toured the world with us. She was a strong, brave, funny and intrepid woman who was greatly loved by all of us and who will be sadly missed by the larger jazz community, her partner Lorraine and her friends, colleagues and students at City University. Feeling your warmth and seeing you smiling on us still….we miss you.’ For a tribute to Debbie and an account of her brilliant lifetime’s achievements, please see Tribute to Debbie Dickinson by John Cumming in Jazz News.

Thanks also to Chris Hodgins for sending us this lovely tribute to Debbie, posted on the Guest Stars page


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