Happy Spring Equinox from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive!

Thanks to all our friends on Facebook and blog followers and others for your continuing support! The WLMA team has been out and about this month at International Women’s Day events, working on the Feminist Libraries and Archives network stall at the WOW festival on London’s South Bank, giving a talk at Queen Mary University’s Equalities Society event on the history of feminist activism, marching with  Million Women Rise. This May Day sees the fourth anniversary of our online launch and our website continues to have increasing numbers of hits from around the world. Our 2015 fundraising drive continues and we’re really grateful for the generous donations so far received. We hope to raise more to enable us not only to cover our running costs but expand our programme of promoting women’s music-making and documenting feminist history. It’s easy to donate: simply click on the red badge on our home page http://womensliberationmusicarchive.co.uk/

A note from the See Red Women’s Workshop

A drawing of a woman bashing scissors cutting childcare, disability benefits, housing, with a large placard. Looking angry and strong.

“Founders and later members of the British feminist poster collective, See Red Women’s Workshop (1974-1990) are involved with putting a book together about the posters and we are hoping to gather a collection of memories from women who were involved at some time (many women passed through the workshop), or who particularly remember the posters otherwise. If you are one of those women, do please get in touch with us. Or please forward to your friends and networks otherwise.

To jog your memory here’s a link to the website we are also slowly putting together. https://seeredwomensworkshop.wordpress.com/

Much appreciated! As would any ideas about other mailing lists to send this call round to.

Pru, Suzy, Bronnie, Anne and Jess”

Thanks to See Red Women’s Workshop for allowing reproduction of their work under a Creative Commons license.






Happy New Year from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive!

Please click on the badge

A photo of the WLM badge, with its red symbol of a clenched fist inside a women's symbol, on a white background.

to donate to WLMA’s 2015 fundraising drive and help keep feminist history alive!

Best wishes for the new year from the WLMA team to all our friends, on Facebook and everywhere else, everyone who follows our posts and who has supported the project in 2014. Huge thanks also to everyone who’s sent us material enabling us to expand the archive collection. We’ve had thousands of website hits from around the world, been able to help lots of students and researchers and enjoyed being involved in FLA, the new Feminist Libraries and Archives network, running stalls and being part of the Feminism in London conference (videos of the FLA workshop viewable on our Facebook post for 25th October fyi.) We’re planning to continue our work on the project this year, and if you’d like to support us in this please do consider making a donation through PayPal. (If the link above doesn’t work please go to the website: http://womensliberationmusicarchive.co.uk.) Any money we raise goes only to develop the archive and cover our running costs. WLMA is voluntary and unfunded so every little helps!

Looking forward to the new year and sending best wishes for success to feminist campaigns, global and local. Hasta la victoria!

Women’s Liberation Music Archive news

Poster announcing 25th September Feminism in London 2014 conference in suffragette colours of purple, green, white, says 'Save the Date!'Tickets are on sale now – and going fast! – for this year’s Feminism in London conference, on Saturday October 25th, at the Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL.

We’re very pleased to be taking part in the morning workshop: ‘Feminist Archives and Activism: Knowing Our Past – Creating Our Future.’ This is a chance to discuss the importance of documenting and celebrating feminist history, find out about the various great feminist archives and libraries available and explore how they can be useful tools in our ongoing campaigns. This workshop brings together different generations of feminists and is organised by the new network of feminist libraries and archives, FLA. Speakers include Feminist Library volunteers http://feministlibrary.co.uk/, Frankie Green from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive http://womensliberationmusicarchive.co.uk/, Jalna Hanmer from the Feminist Archive North http://www.feministarchivenorth.org.uk/, Liz Kelly and Joan Scanlon from radical feminist journal Trouble & Strife http://www.troubleandstrife.org, Sue John from Glasgow Women’s Library http://womenslibrary.org.uk/ and Zaimal Azad from Nottingham Women’s Centre http://www.nottinghamwomenscentre.com/ The workshop is chaired by Sue O’Sullivan from Spare Rib and Sheba Feminist Press, and the second half of the session will be an open conversation. We are also totally delighted that the after-conference party will feature blast from the past pioneering 70s feminist band the Stepney Sisters, plus other great music-makers! To buy tickets and for more info on workshops, speakers and the whole day’s events, please see http://www.feminisminlondon.co.uk

Greetings from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive

Today we’re marking the 3rd anniversary of our online launch on May 1st 2011, the date chosen in solidarity with the tradition of May Day. We began with writing a list of twenty or so bands on the back of envelope in 2010 and now, seventy two thousand website visits later, the archive has 150 entries and is still growing. If you can help us to expand and ensure no-one is left out, we welcome new info to help develop the project. It’s not solely about musicians and singers: we’re documenting and celebrating DJs, journalists, event organizers, photographers, sound technicians, poster and magazine producers and everyone else who created the infrastructure for the music-making and cultural-political activism of the 70s, 80s and beyond. And we like to link with our predecessors to show the continuity of feminist music-making. If you have material you think should be in the archive, or know a woman who does, do contact us!


Happy Equinox from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive

Happy Spring to all our friends and followers! Big thanks to all who have offered to take our leaflets to distribute – let us know if you need more! The WLMA team kept busy over International Women’s Day/week, marching with Million Women Rise to end violence against women, leafleting the Women of the World Festival on London’s South Bank and we’re now enjoying planning meetings to organise a workshop about archiving women’s history at the next Feminism in London conference. We’re very pleased to be part of the newly-formed Feminist Libraries and Archives network and will keep you posted on FLA’s activities. We’ve got lots of ideas happening in the run-up to the third anniversary of the online launch of the archive, so watch this space! 2014 WLMA poster

Happy New Year from the Women’s Liberation Music Archive!

A very happy new year to all friends of the Women’s Liberation Music Archive and thanks to everyone who supported us in 2013, sent us items to be archived and helped to spread the word on feminist music and political activism! A warm welcome to all our new followers.

The WLMA team has been busy over the past months. We’ve run stalls at events such as October’s Feminism in London conference, taken our presentation slideshow on the road to places like the Older Women and Friends festival in London organised by Opening Doors, Age UK’s older LGBT project, where a lively discussion took place amongst women who had been involved in Spare Rib and Drastic Measures magazines, Rock Against Sexism, Spare Tyre theatre group and various WLM groups. We distributed hundreds of our flyers to noticeboards and audiences far and wide, including those at the Musicport World Music Festival in Whitby; the Anti-capitalist Roadshow; Lewes Folk Festival; the London Feminist Film Festival; Trouble and Strife’s 30th anniversary celebration as the newly-digitised groundbreaking magazine marked its online availability; the London Jazz Festival’s Guest Stars’ reunion gig and more. Thanks to all our volunteers! If you know of a group who might be interested in hosting our presentation, or if you’d like to distribute some of our leaflets, please let us know.

A group of women enjoying a workshop discussion; display board of  WLMA items in background.

Older Women’s Festival workshop photo (c) Mel Johnson

During 2013 we added and expanded the entries on our website with new items including a documentary on 1990’s Chard Festival of Women in Music, new films and recordings of the band Meet Your Feet, tributes to the late great Lindsay Cooper, songs from the Pre-Madonnas, oral history interviews, and more – please see ‘What’s New in the Archive?’ for page links and more info on these and other developments made since our May Day 2011 online launch. In the coming year we have promises of more interesting newly-digitised material from various musicians including the feminist duo Ova and others.

Presentation of slideshow and talk being given at workshop.

WLMA presentation at Older Women’s Festival photo (c) Mel Johnson

We will be adding new donations of material to the Feminist Archive South collection at the University of Bristol, liaising with other women’s history archiving/digitising projects and expanding our geographical reach. We’re keen to hear from you – do let us have your feedback! And please get in touch with us if you know of anything that should be included in the archive – we welcome information on women musicians whose work preceded the WLMA, and are pleased to be developing links both internationally and with the current burgeoning feminist campaigns in the UK.

Three women smiling behind a stall displaying CDs, WLMA leaflets and posters, smiling and raising glass.

Some of the WLMA team celebrating at Trouble and Strife’s anniversary event. Photo (c) Terry Hunt

Best wishes for the year ahead from the WLMA team to all of you – and for everyone working for women’s liberation everywhere.

One of the three women from Russian punk feminist group Pussy Riot jailed by Putin  emergs from  prison giving victory signs.

Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested in the WLMA. But if you would prefer not to receive WLMA info, or think you are on this list by mistake, please let us know!